Indigenous Cultural Conservation Society (ICCS) operates at the nexus of human rights, education and technology.
The primary goal of ICCS is to partner with other non-profit and non-governmental organisations devoted to the preservation of indigenous communities and the conservation of ecosystems where they live. As it takes a village to rear a child, it will require a community of organisations to nurture a sustainable future for indigenous peoples.

Following the first three years of efforts in the Maasai and other East African communities, ICCS endeavours to launch a global campaign for indigenous communities, continuing in Asia and South America. But the preservation of an ancient knowledge cannot exist in a bubble. The 21st century will influence those remaining indigenous communities, and it is the ICCS mission to maintain youth education so that the elders can be confident that their people will persist and thrive. It is essential to cultivate curricula that not only conserves cultural heritage, but nurtures progression into the 21st century.

So who is ICCS? We are a society of concerned citizens of the world — people just like you — that want to leave a healthy green Earth for future generations. But who we are is also in our name, Indigenous Cultural Conservation Society. When we determined to protect the world’s indigenous population we understood that these cultures hold the key to conserving the Earth’s ecology.  While the world’s scientific communities have only recently been beating the drum of sustainability through research, technology and practice, indigenous people have all along been living to the rhythm of their traditions. Their time-tested and practical methods bear the most results — often, with only the investment of human capital. It is for this reason that ICCS exists: we know that our survival depends on the holistic knowledge of our Earth’s elder statesmen — if they thrive, we thrive.