Cultural Conservation

In an unquenchable thirst for resources and land, indigenous communities throughout the world suffer encroachment of their ancestral homelands and the looting of its bounty. The existence of these elder statesmen of humanity should not hinge upon the value of the land they inhabit and its resources.

The current mission of Indigenous Cultural Conservation Society (ICCS) is to deploy programmes that promote the preservation of the Maasai culture, through education and technology. The Maasai’s path to sustainability will rely heavily on the optimisation of the land in which they inhabit – not as a tourist destination – but as an agricultural cornucopia. As pastoralists, the Maasai  have maintained the grasslands for generations, but the pastoral way of life has been challenged by factors beyond their control. The subdivision of land precipitated by encroaching development threatens the ecosystem of land and wildlife. Climate change and resource mismanagement further exacerbate the desertification of the land. To restore the ecosystem where the Maasai live is to ensure their culture persists.

Our desire for an elder, indigenous culture – the living, breathing essence of our collective existence – is perpetuity. The lessons of their ancestors passed down must also exist in perpetuity. ICCS will promote a thorough preservation of the curricula so that it never fades into extinction.