Indigenous Cultural Conservation Society is collaborating with local leadership committees and non-profit organisations in Narok, Lakipia, and Kajiado counties in Kenya.

Currently, the Organisation is establishing the first community holistic management centre in Mosiro, Narok County,Kenya. Mosiro is a unique community for the fact that it is one of the few Maasai settlements that has not been subdivided; they still practice their rich culture and live communally. This allows for a unique opportunity to have Mosiro as a key example to other Maasai settlements.

A successful program in Mosiro will allow other Maasai people to take up the ideas of holistic land management and soon grasslands will start to regenerate all through Maasai lands. Our end result is to see various key components implemented in this community: firstly, an elders committee that will monitor and delegate the projects in the community. Secondly, range land/grasslands rehabilitation through holistic management of the land. Thirdly, maintenance and preservation of Maasai culture through the improvement of the pastoral community.

The project will focus on the formation of the Holistic Management Committee that will be wholly responsible for the implementation and management of the project’s activities. The committee will be comprised of the sub-location representatives, each sub-location will appoint two members to sit on the Holistic Management Committee. The community in Mosiro has agreed to donate the land where the first centre will be located. The holistic management centre will serve as the hub for easy information sharing, monitoring and evaluation of the project’s progress by the Holistic Management Committee and its staff.